Transcend 2.5″ Portable HDD Enclosure Casing 25S3 – USB 3.0

KSh 8,500.00 KSh 7,000.00

Transcend is somehow always at the right place at the right time. They have a solution for almost everything ranging from small microSD cards to HDDs. This time it is HDD or SSD enclosures. Why would I need HDD enclosures? You might ask.

Have you ever found yourself dealing with an older HDD which is a bit slower compared to the ones available today? Well you no longer need to worry, cause the HDD enclosures by Transcend provide support to your older HDDs and slightly bump up the transfer speed. All you have to do is hook them up to the enclosure and harness them into it. Though your HDD is USB 2.0, the transfer rates will match the same speed as USB 3.0.

With top quality aluminium construction the enclosure makes your bare HDD or SSD look sleek yet maintaining a surprisingly manageable weight. There are illuminated indicators to show activity while in use. It also has a power saving mode to make sure data is not lost under unexpected circumstances. As this is a 2.5 inch enclosure it won’t need an external power supply as the USB port itself would do the job of supplying power to the enclosure. With these enclosures your HDD is as good as a portable external drive.