ASUS U36 the first 19mm thin laptop with Intel standard voltage CPU in the world Intel Core i5 2.50GHz/ 6GB RAM/ 500GB HDD With Nvidiah Graphics

KSh 40,000.00 KSh 35,000.00

In today’s world, more of our daily computing is done on the move, and notebooks have become an essential part of our lives. In the past, having a notebook that was thin and light meant sacrificing performance. Not anymore. Introducing the ASUS U36, the world’s first 19mm thin notebook with an Intel® standard voltage CPU. Featuring NVIDIA® Optimus™ technology, the U36 offers the absolute best combination of performance and energy efficiency for the size. With the U36 weighing in at a mere 1.4kg with a 4-cell battery, it challenges the way you think about light and compact notebooks. Order this NOW at FLASH WORLD COMPUTERS and have it delivered to you right at your door step